Our 60th Anniversary year has evoked many memories. Almost miraculously we have reunited our class – at this late stage in our lives. We have been able to re-live our own journeys and share over 50 bio-sketches with classmates. What is clear is that we have all lived and practiced through some of the swiftest and most fundamental changes ever experienced in the practice of medicine. It is hard to believe the exponential growth of medical knowledge and technology from when we graduated in 1960 to our diamond jubilee in 2020.

Click here to access Babes in the Wards – Advances in Neonatology Jeff Maisels and Avroy Fanaroff

Click here to access Blood is Thicker – Advances in Blood Transfusions Anton Heyns and Gerald Shulman

Click here to access Mind Over Matter – Advances in Psychiatry  Chaim Rosenberg

Click here to access Waterworks – Advances in Nephrology Geoff Boner  

Click here to access The Cutting Edge – Advances in Surgery Theo Kretzmar 

Click here to access It's All in the Genes   Advances in Genetics Martin Bobrow and Aubrey Milunsky

Click here to access Affairs of the Heart
 – Advances in Cardiology  Clive Rosendorff